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18th SEPTEMBER 2020    

India witnessed a big spurt with 96,424 fresh COVID-19 positive cases reported on Friday, taking the country’s cumulative cases to 52,14,677. The death toll rose to 84,372, with 1,174 fatalities recorded in the last 24 hours. The case fatality rate dropped to 1.62 percent today.

Incidentally, India has moved to the second place now in total number of COVID-19 positive cases among the countries across the world. It ranks next to the United States in overall number of cases. India now ranks third in total number of fatalities, after the United States and Brazil, which occupy the top two slots. Moreover, the daily tally of cases and deaths in India is the highest among all the countries across the globe now.

Meanwhile, India has also recorded an unprecedented high of single day recoveries as 87,472 active cases have recovered and been discharged in the past 24 hours from home/facility supervised care and hospitals.

India has been consistently reporting a very high level of daily recoveries of more than 70,000 since the past 11 days. The Recovery Rate has further escalated to 78.86 percent today. The total recovered cases thus stand at 41,12,551.

Recovered Cases are 4.04 times the number of Active Cases as recoveries outnumber the latter by 30,94,797. The active cases as on today are 10,17,754, accounting for 19.52 percent of the total confirmed cases.

The top 5 States with high Active Caseload are also the ones which are presently reporting a high level of recoveries. 59.8 percent of the active cases are being reported from Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. These States are also contributing to 59.3 percent of the total recoveries. Almost 90 percent of the new recoveries are reported from 16 States and Union Territories.

Maharashtra (19,522) contributed 22.31 percent of the new recoveries while the States of Andhra Pradesh (12.24 percent), Karnataka (8.3 percent), Tamil Nadu (6.31 percent) and Chhattisgarh (6.0 percent) followed with 32.8 percent of the new recoveries. These States together contribute 55.1 percent of total new recoveries.

The continuous streak of very high level of recoveries is a testimony of the effective clinical management and treatment protocols issued by the Central Government which have been updated from time to time with the emergence of new evidence.

The Ministry of Health, in active collaboration with AIIMS, has been conducting the ‘National e-ICU on COVID-19 Management’ exercise which handholds ICU doctors of State/UT hospitals through the Centers of Excellence. Held twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, these sessions have played a major role in India’s substantial rate of recovery and declining case fertility rate. So far, 19 such National e-ICUs have been held covering 249 hospitals of 28 States/UTs across the country.

India has also allowed for rational use of ‘Investigational Therapies’ like Remdesevir, convalescent plasma and Tocilizumab and adopted measures such proning, use of high flow oxygen, non-invasive ventilation, use of steroids and anti-coagulants to aid recovery in COVID patients. Supervised home isolation, improved services of the ambulances for ferrying patients for prompt and timely treatment have enabled seamless and efficient patient management.

In order to support and assist efforts of State/UT Governments, the Central Government has deputed central multi-specialist teams. Regular review has ensured adequate availability of medical oxygen in the health facilities. These together have played a critical intervention role in India’s high recoveries and maintained low Case Fatality Rate (CFR), which currently stands at 1.62 percent. (eom)

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