AP Maoists abandon peace process


Naxal leaders Vavavara Rao, Gaddar and G Kalyan Rao withdrew from peace efforts on Monday in protest against what they called ‘repression let loose by the government’.

The naxal leaders called off the peace process after blaming the government of the killing of 80 Maoists and other naxalites in fake police encounters in the last three months.

AP Maoists: The party is over!

Varavara Rao, revolutionary writer and Maoist emissary, told rediff.com that “attempts to create tribal Greyhound (anti-extremist elite commando) force, impart training through the military to the Greyhound commandos, create joint command force by the naxalite-affected states and, finally, the move to ban the CPI-Maoist not only in Andhra Pradesh but all over India under the Central Act indicate that the state and central governments are conspiring to suppress
the revolutionary movement.”

‘Andhra CM behind MLA’s killing’

“The encounter killings continue and by now 80 revolutionaries (65 Maoists and 15 belonging to other revolutionary parties) have been killed in cold-blood. Combing operations are being conducted in deep forests aimed at eliminating revolutionary leadership,including Maoist leader Ramakrishna, who had led the CPI-Maoist in the first phase of peace talks,” Varavara Rao said.

He termed the recent encounters in Achampet in Mahbubnagar district and Atmakur in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh as the “worst” in the sense that they were already in police custody when they were done to death.

“So, the talk of (resuming) the peace talks is a deception by the government and the Congress has also chosen to begin fascist rule in the state,” he said.

Varavara Rao said that the trio, including Kalyan Rao and Gaddar, was appointed as emissaries of Maoists on July 13, 2004, to finalise the modalities and agenda for the peace talks. They had also accompanied the Maoist leaders for the first round of peace talks in the city in October last.

After the first phase of peace talks, the state cabinet on October 30 decided that the Maoists should give up arms before the second phase of talks.

It was also stated that giving up arms will be the main agenda in the second phase of talks. Earlier, the government had accepted to discuss the seventh clause of ceasefire agreement (pertaining carrying weapons during political campaign in the villages) along with the main agenda.

“But now, the government is insisting that the Maoists give up arms. So, the (government’s) mind has changed after October 30,” the Maoist emissary said.

Meanwhile, Maoists killed a Bharatiya Janata Party activist Ayyapa Reddy (35) in Peddapur village in Mahbubnagar district on Monday morning.

Maoists also killed a Congress leader and burnt seven state-owned buses in Mahbubnagar and Guntur districts on Sunday night in retaliation to the encounter killings.

Syed Amin Jafri in Hyderabad

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