Telangana registers 129 fresh cases of COVID-19, death toll rises to 99


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3rd JUNE 2020

There was a spurt in COVID-19 cases for the 26th consecutive day with 129 fresh cases reported in Telangana on Wednesday, taking the State’s total to 3,020 confirmed cases. The death toll rose to 99, with seven fresh fatalities reported in the last 24 hours. In all, 1,556 patients were discharged after recovery so far and 1,365 active confirmed cases are in the hospitals now, as per latest official status update. 

According to the media bulletin from the Director of Public Health and Family Welfare, as many as 127 fresh cases were reported among locals, taking the sub-total of this group to 2,572. Also, two fresh cases were reported among the migrants, deportees and foreign evacuees, and their sub-total rose to 448. Thus, the total confirmed cases tally included 2,572 locals, 206 migrants from other States, 212 deportees from other countries and 30 foreign evacuees.   

The Director PH& FW said that in view of Covid-19 global pandemic, the State of Telangana has strengthened surveillance, contact tracing and containment measures against the possible spread of disease. The new positive cases reported on Wednesday included 108 in GHMC area, six each in Rangareddy and Asifabad districts, two each in Medchal and Siricilla districts and one each in Yadadri, Kamareddy and Mahbubnagar districts.

Seven patients died on Wednesday, the highest ever toll on a single day, taking the overall toll to 99 so far. 


The current treatment for COVID -19 caused by novel Corona virus has been limited to general supportive care, with provision of critical care with Ventilator support as no approved specific therapy or vaccines are available as on date.

In the wake of this pandemic, plasma transfusion has been the subject of increasing attention.

As a part of ICMR clinical trial, 5 patients from Telangana with patient ID – P1311, P1459, P1647, P2415 and P2639 were given plasma transfusion at Gandhi Hospital, Hyderabad. All mandatory protocols set by ICMR were duly followed during the therapy.

The therapy was introduced to the patients when their oxygen saturation levels dropped below 84 percent – 90 percent. Two transfusions were given to each of the 5 patients. After the completion of therapy, all the 5 patients reported clinical improvement. P1311 has already been discharged, 3 are no longer oxygen dependent and P1647 is under intermittent dependency.

DONORS: Five recovered patients came forward as Donors and donated plasma.

DIALYSIS FOR COVID PATIENTS: 75 dialysis cycles have been provided to COVID positive patients at the exclusive dialysis facility in Gandhi Hospital.

In the past few days, there has been a surge of new cases in GHMC area. It is once again reiterated that all the non-Pharmacological preventive measures have to be implemented strictly. Vigorous Contact tracing, strict quarantine measures (home and government), Risk Assessment, judiciously assessing the area of containment, strict perimeter control have to be taken up. At this juncture, Risk communication plays a major role in behavior change thereby mitigating further spread of infection.

The Government of India has airlifted 458 deportees. These deportees have been quarantined in government quarantine centers in the State. Till date, 212 deportees have tested positive for Covid-9 and are being treated.

A large number of migrants are returning from various other States of the country. These migrants are being home quarantined and monitored by the district authorities. Symptomatic migrants are tested. Majority of the migrants are arriving from Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar etc. Till date, 206 migrants have tested positive for Covid-19 and are being treated.

The general public is requested to inform the local authorities in case they identify any new persons, migrants who have newly arrived in the towns and villages to ensure that the migrants strictly adhere to the home quarantine guidelines.

The lockdown has been relaxed since the 16th May 2020. It is being observed that there is a lot of mobility and movement of people from all walks of life and of all age groups. There is a surge of positive cases since the past few days. For ensuring safety, the authorities have issued guidelines for strict compliance. Vulnerable Age Groups comprising children below   10 years of age and elderly people aged above 60 years are advised to stay indoors and avoid going outdoors. (eom)

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