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29TH JUNE 2020

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has decided to finalise the strategy to contain spread of Corona Virus in the Greater Hyderabad in the next three to four days. He said that a decision would also be taken on enforcing fresh lockdown in the GHMC  limits for a few days.

The CM said that there was no need to get anxious or entertain fear about the more number of positive cases in the city as the government had made all arrangements to offer proper treatment to all the needy.

A high-level review meeting was held at Pragathi Bhavan here on Sunday on containment of Corona Virus, treatment available for Corona patients, strategy to be implemented in future and other related issues.

Medical and Health Minister Etela Rajender, Municipal Administration Minister K.T. Rama Rao, R&B Minister Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar, Medical and Health officials participated in the meeting.  

The Health Minister explained about the prevailing situation on Corona virus spread and measures taken to contain it. “Corona is spreading speedily all over the country. In the same way, in Telangana State, there is increase in the positive cases. When compared to the national average, the death rate in Telangana State is less. There is no need for fear,” he said.

“Necessary treatment is given to the positive patients. We have kept thousands of beds ready in both government and private hospitals and colleges. Patients who are in critical conditions are treated in the hospitals. Asymptomatic patients are given treatment in their homes,” Rajender explained.

Special Chief Secretary (Medical and Health) Ms Shanta Kumari pointed out that the number of deaths due to the virus was very low in the State. The average number of deaths due to COVID-19 at the National level is 3.04 while it is 1.52 in Telangana State.  More number of tests are being conducted in Telangana State. All those tested positive are given the required treatment, she stated.

A detailed discussion took place at the meeting on the spread of Corona under the GHMC limits. The Health Minister said that several Medical and Health officials and medical experts are asking for another 15-day lock-down under the GHMC limits.

“Hyderabad is a metropolitan city in which one crore people live. It is but natural that like other cities in the country, the spread of Corona is also high in the city. People started moving around after the lock-down is lifted. This led to the spread of the virus. In Chennai, in Tamil Nadu State, lock-down was re-imposed to contain the spread. Other cities in the country are also thinking on these lines,” the Chief Minister said.

“Medical and Health department also made proposals that the re-imposition of lock- down in Hyderabad is necessary. But re-imposition of lock-down will be a very major decision. Government machinery and people should be made ready for this. Especially the police department should be kept ready,” he explained.

“Cabinet meeting should be convened. A decision on lock-down should be taken by eliciting views from all the concerned. Let us examine the situation keenly for two to three days. If need be, Cabinet will be convened in three to four days to discuss proposals for the lock-down, alternatives and other related issues and a decision will be taken,” the CM added.

”Several issues are to be taken into consideration, if we decide to impose lock-down under the GHMC limits. If lock-down is imposed, it should be implemented strictly and totally. There should be a daylong Curfew with one or two-hour relaxation to buy the essentials. Flights and train services have to be stopped. All arrangements should be made from the government’s side. Hence, the government will examine all the issues in depth and would take the necessary decision,” he pointed out. (eom)

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