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28th April 2020

The Corona Virus (CPVID-19) pandemic situation remained grim globally, with the confirmed cases across the world jumping to 29,54,222 and the death toll mounting to 2,02,597 in the 213 affected countries and territories, according to the latest update from the World Health Organization (WHO).

SITUATION IN NUMBERS total (new cases in last 24 hours) Globally 2 954 222 confirmed (76 026) 202 597 deaths (3932) European Region 1 386 693 confirmed (27 313) 126 429 deaths (1904) Region of the Americas 1 179 607 confirmed (39 087) 60 211 deaths (1722) Eastern Mediterranean Region 171 238 confirmed (5305) 7148 deaths (157) Western Pacific Region 145 385 confirmed (1264) 5998 deaths (40) South-East Asia Region 48 348 confirmed (2288) 1917 deaths (93) African Region 22 239 confirmed (769) 881 deaths (16) WHO RISK ASSESSMENT Global Level Very High

Globally, European region continued to be the worst-hit, with 13,86,693 confirmed cases and 1,26,429 deaths. American region came next with 11,79,607 confirmed cases and 60,211 deaths. Eastern Mediterranean region reported 1,71,238 confirmed cases and 7,148 deaths.

Western Pacific region’s tally stood at 1,45,385 confirmed cases and 5,998 deaths. South-East Asia region recorded 48,348 confirmed cases and 1,917 deaths and African region witnessed 22,239 confirmed cases and 881 deaths. WHO Risk Assessment at global level remained very high.

WHO has published the ‘R&D Blueprint: COVID-19 Experimental Treatments’, which lists drug and non-drug experimental treatments for COVID-19.

WHO has called on countries to ensure that usual immunization is maintained wherever possible and surveillance for vaccine-preventable diseases is not disrupted during the ongoing pandemic.

WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros, in his regular media briefing yesterday, highlighted “As lockdowns in Europe ease with declining numbers of new cases, we continue to urge countries to find, isolate, test and treat all cases of COVID-19 and trace every contact, to ensure these declining trends continue.”

WHO continues to source millions of dollars of medical equipment and supplies to help Member States access global markets, which are overwhelmed by unprecedented demand. WHO is also supporting design and installation of COVID19 treatment centres in a number of countries.  (eom)

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