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23rd April 2020

The Corona Virus (CPVID-19) pandemic situation remained grim globally, with the confirmed cases across the world jumping to 25,44,792 and the death toll mounting to 1,75,694 in the 213 affected countries and territories, according to the latest update from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Globally, European region continued to be the worst-hit, with 12,51,458 confirmed cases and 1,13,336 deaths. American region came next with 9,57,402 confirmed cases and 47,812 deaths. Western Pacific region’s tally stood at 1,37,902 confirmed cases and 5,818 deaths. Eastern Mediterranean region reported 1,44,450 confirmed cases and 6,469 deaths. South-East Asia region recorded 36,039 confirmed cases and 1,498 deaths and African region witnessed 16,829 confirmed cases and 748 deaths. WHO Risk Assessment at global level remained very high.

The Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN) has launched a GOARN COVID-19 Knowledge hub. The hub is designed as a central repository of quality public health information, guidance, tools and webinars which can be accessed freely at any point.  WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros, in his regular media briefing, cautioned that “we have a long way to go. This virus will be with us for a long time”. He added that “the world cannot go back to the way things were. There must be a “new normal” – a world that is healthier, safer and better prepared”.

WHO has published guidance ‘Addressing Human Rights as Key to the COVID-19 Response’. The guidance document highlights the importance of integrating a human rights-based approach into the COVID-19 response and highlights key considerations in relation to addressing stigma and discrimination, prevention of violence against women, support for vulnerable populations, quarantine and restrictive measures, and shortages of supplies and equipment. (eom)

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